The Enlightened Entrepreneur

Who Is The Enlightened Entrepreneur?

Amy here.  I love this question.  It's one I have been asking for some time.  Here's my thoughts on the matter:

The Enlightened Entrepreneur understands that hustle, grind and 12 hour days are not what it takes to bring success to a business.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur believes in focusing inward first, growing herself and doing the inner work first, in order to shift the outer reality.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur understands the power of the mind, of meditation, visualization and emotional alignment paired with inspired action.

Enlightened Entrepreneurs love following people like Kathrin Zenkina, James Wedmore, Brooke Castillo.  They look for changemakers like Suzette Farrah ( who are following their intuitive and natural gifts to bring powerful, positive change in the world.

Enlightened Entrepreneurs are always learning, practicing new things, leaning into learning more about their Highest Self, and what that version of herself looks like.

Enlightened Entrepreneurs are my kind of people.  You're the babe I started this experiment for.  You're the powerhouse I love to serve.  You're the changemaker I believe will impact the world with your love, willingness to serve and courage to dare and believe in your dreams.

If this is our first meeting, welcome!  I'm so glad you're here! 

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Let's be changemakers together and raise the world around us up.