About MGB

Mountain Girl Boutique was born of two things: a trickle of product ideas that kept coming over a year and a late night inspired download during a meditation.

I'm Amy, owner of Mountain Girl Boutique and fellow mountain soul.  I honestly had no idea I would ever try to open a product-based business.  For years I had an interior design business in Calgary, Alberta and eventually I knew it was time to move away from that.  I had a deep passion to help other entrepreneurs - especially service-focused entrepreneurs - build their own successful businesses.

Woman wearing a black hoodie with 'Worthy' on the front & a black hat in front of mountains

How It All Started

At the start of 2019, I began Dare to Begin Inc.  DTB is all about entrepreneurship.  I host a podcast called Dare to Begin Small & Mighty under this banner and developed courses to help entrepreneurs start and grow, all based off my years and success in my interior design business.

In the fall of 2019, I knew it was time to let go of the design business and DTB was not where I thought it would be.  I made an intentional decision to join Shopify - I wanted the daily exposure to business owners on the platform and I loved what Shopify was creating in the world.

In 2020, I paused all things DTB as I moved into leadership at Shopify.  As I stepped back from all the 'doing', I tried to figure out what I wanted DTB to become.  How DID I want to bring value to the world?

Over time, I kept getting these ideas for products, and I had no idea why!  I never ever wanted to have a product-based business but I'm no fool and when inspiration drops in, it's worth taking notice.  I simply started a note on my phone and every idea I received would go into that note.

The Spark

In 2021, when we were finally allowed to see people again (yay!), I was walking with a friend and telling her about these random ideas and my resistance to designing products.  As we talked and she asked me great questions, I realized that I LOVED the idea of creating products that speak to people, products that lift them up, inspire them, empower them, make them stand up tall and say to the world, 'THIS IS WHO I AM!'

Then one night, as I'm lying in bed doing my pre-sleep meditation, in the middle of the meditation I received a divine download:  I had to open my Shopify store app and buy mountaingirlboutique.com.  Convinced the domain would be taken and not willing to get out of bed to get my cc, I figured I'd have a look.  It wasn't taken and by pure cosmic assistance, I remembered my entire cc number and in moments, I was the owner of mountaingirlboutique.com.

Please Get Moving
  ~ The Universe

I'd done the path of working hard for many many hours with very little to show for it so I tried something entirely different with this venture - I was only going to sit down to design products when it felt enjoyable.  For months I'd play around and bring those ideas in my notes to life and then in July of 2021, I started seeing triple 9's everywhere.

Triple 9's are angel numbers, and in effect, seeing them is like a cosmic nudge to complete something, as its completion is the key to unlocking the next step.  One day a car passed me on the road with four 9's on the licence plate and it felt like I was being hit over the head.  A day or two later, more 9's.  Finally I went to check my angel numbers cheat sheet - what was I missing?  

And then it was clear.  All the cosmos was trying to get my attention to finish and launch Mountain Girl Boutique.

So here we are!  

Created With Intention

All the products in Mountain Girl Boutique have been created with intention and at the core, each item is all about empowering women.  My heart and soul is deeply moved by the power of women and as I continue my leadership efforts within Shopify and the greater world, I am continually drawn to help raise and empower women.

I hope that you love the designs and the products, and that when you wear them, you feel the love and intention behind each one.  Here's to strong women, may we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.

All my love,

Amy xx

Amy wearing a ski helmet & goggles holding her hand up with the thumb, index and pinky fingers extended